Storing and shipping batteries is generally safe if you follow the guidelines included in the Call2Recycle® collection kit. All-battery collection kit guidelines TIPS: 

Front Facing Canada

Keep collection box in a dry, cool and monitored area.

Sealed Box

Do not overfill the collection box. Cross-tape the box before shipping. (Please be careful not to cover up the shipping label bar code.)


Li-Ion, SSLA/Pb and Lithium Primary have to be individually bagged or have terminals protected with duct or non-conductive electrical tape.

battery-samplesAccepts used batteries weighing less than 5 kg

small box back

Follow the shipping instructions on the back of the collection box.

Shipping Bulk:Participants that will be shipping containers on pallets (bulk), please contact our Customer Service Team (888.224.9764) for instructions prior to shipping.