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     Earth Day 2016
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     2016 Spring Cleaning Sweepstakes
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    What happens to our batteries?
    Watch this video on what happens to batteries after they're dropped in a Call2Recycle box
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     Faces of Recycling
    Batteries Power Our Daily Lives
    We use mobile devices every day – all powered by batteries. When that battery-power runs out, it's important to recycle them. Find your recycling location

Earth Rangers and Call2Recycle Announce the 2016 Battery Blitz School Mission Results!

April 26, 2016

Earth Rangers and Call2Recycle® are delighted with the incredible results of their Battery Blitz School Mission Contest, which challenged 50 Greater Toronto Area schools to collect and recycle as many used batteries as they could. Continue reading



Peel Schools celebrate Earth Day by keeping 2,000 kg of batteries out of landfills

April 22, 2016

As Canada’s national consumer battery stewardship organization, Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. partnered with Power of 10, an enthusiastic group of young battery ambassadors, to call on students from 20 schools in Mississauga and Brampton to recycle batteries and keep them away from Peel Region landfills. Continue reading



Springing into Battery Recycling can be Rewarding

March 24, 2016

Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. (Call2Recycle®), North America’s first and largest consumer battery stewardship organization, has announced its 2016 Spring Cleaning Campaign, offering consumers across Canada a chance to win prizes for sharing their recycling stories while doing their annual Spring Cleaning. Continue reading



Consumer Battery Recycling Awareness Increased During the Lead the Charge Campaign

March 23, 2016

This past February, our teams at Call2Recycle joined forces with North American battery collection partners to run a comprehensive and exciting consumer awareness campaign – the Lead the Charge on National Battery Day campaign. Thanks to the tremendous collaboration to … Continue reading



Q&A with Chelsea Quirke of Air Canada

March 16, 2016

Air Canada has 28,000 employees across the world, serving more than 38 million passengers annually (along with its partners) and providing direct passenger service to more than 190 destinations worldwide. Like most companies today, mobile and other portable technology is … Continue reading


The non-profit organization that operates the Call2Recycle® program is officially changed from Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation Canada (RBRCC) to Call2Recycle Canada, Inc.