In Canada, there are two types of provincial battery recycling programs that Call2Recycle Canada administers:

British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Prince Edwards Island,

Nova Scotia

Rest of Canada
Role of Call2Recycle Canada
  • Administering consumer battery collection and recycling programs in Canada since 1997 and the preferred battery recycling service provider for all federal government department locations across Canada
  • 400 program members manufacturers, importers, distributers and retailers
  • Fulfill the regulatory requirements on behalf obligated parties
How we are funded
  • In the regulated provinces, our program is funded through Environmental Handling Fees (EHF)
  • In the provinces where participation is voluntary, we are funded by manufacturers of batteries and by manufacturers of battery-powered products

Single User & Rechargeable Consumer Battery Product Stewardship Programs

Voluntary Single Use & Rechargeable Consumer Battery Collection Program