Recycling your batteries will be easier than ever before.

In July 2020, new provincial regulations affecting battery recycling will take effect in Ontario, making battery producers, importers and brand owners responsible for the end-of-life management of their products. The Regulation is designed to support and strengthen a circular economy in Ontario.

As Canada’s leading national consumer battery collection and recycling program, Call2Recycle® represents more than 300 obligated producers and accepts used household batteries1 at more than 1,500 Call2Recycle drop-off locations across Ontario.

If you are an obligated producer, collection site or battery consumer in Ontario, find out how the new Ontario Batteries Regulation affects you by selecting one of the options below.

Battery Producers & Members

Call2recycle has the experience and expertise to manage your producer responsibility obligation for end-of-life batteries in Ontario.

The Government of Ontario’s Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) model requires single-use and rechargeable battery manufacturers, importers and retailers to be environmentally accountable and financially responsible for their products at end of life.


Our cost-effective, turnkey national battery collection and recycling program streamlines your transition in Ontario and ensures compliance across every regulated province.

Compliance, credibility & industry leadership:

  • Call2Recycle is the provincially-approved battery stewardship program in British Columbia, Manitoba,Quebec and Prince Edward Island and is the approved collector for the Federal Government.
  • The program is recognized for fulfilling member obligations in compliance with provincial end-of-life product regulations.

Experience and trust: 

  • Call2Recycle is Canada’s only national battery recycling program with more than two decades of experience managing collections and regulatory compliance. 
  • We are valued by members for translating complex regulations into turnkey, compliant solutions. 
  • We have an established program in Ontario including a network of sorters and processors in place ready to meet your compliance obligations immediately.

Dedication to safety:

  • As the only Responsible Recycling, R2 certified, end-of-life battery collection and recycling program in Canada, Call2Recycle and its process partners adhere to the highest recognized standards for battery collection, transportation and recycling safety. 
  • Our program is regarded, both domestically and internationally, for safe and responsible end-of-life battery management.

Simple and cost effective:

  • With operations across Canada and unparalleled market breadth and depth, Call2Recycle is able to achieve economies of scale and efficiencies to contain costs.
  • Members appreciate our easy-to-administer collections program and our simple-to-manage producer responsibility program.

Strong retail relationships:

  • Call2Recycle has a successful history of working with retail producers. We have a longstanding relationship with the Retail Council of Canada and retailers/distributors are well represented on the Call2Recycle Board of Directors. We commission third-party research to inform program improvements and support retail partners, while conducting ongoing public education and awareness to promote battery recycling at retail.


We encourage all battery producers to review the Batteries Regulation to determine their obligation in Ontario and to contact the Compliance and Registry Team at at the Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority (RPRA) for guidance:, (647) 496-0530 or toll free at (833) 600-0530

According to the Batteries Regulation hierarchy, an organization is considered a battery producer (and therefore legally responsible for meeting the recycling targets and complying with the requirements of the Batteries Regulation) as follows:

a) If your company is the brand holder and resident in Canada, then your company is obligated.
If not then,

b) If your company is the importer into Ontario and resident in Ontario, then your company is obligated.
If not then,

c) If your company is marketing (selling) in Ontario and resident in Ontario, then your company is obligated.* If not then, 

d) If your company is marketing (selling) in Ontario and not resident, then your company is  obligated. *

*C&D both capture online sales.



If you are obligated and have not already completed a notice of intent to designate Call2Recycle as your Ontario PRO, we invite you to complete your intent and email it back to Erich Repper at: 1-888-224-9764.

Once you have completed your notice of intent, you will be able to designate Call2Recycle as your Ontario PRO by logging into your GreenTrax account starting April 1 to add Ontario as a new jurisdiction.

1 household batteries weighing less than 5 kg each

Battery Collection Sites
Will the new Batteries Regulation Affect Battery Collectors?

If you operate a retail collection site or a public agency collection site, (libraries, schools, hospitals) there will be no changes to your current collection program.

The Regulation stipulates a requirement for municipal waste depots and commercial collectors:

“If a battery collection site is not part of a retail location and accepts more than 15 kilograms of batteries from a person on a single day, the operator of the site shall record the person’s name, contact information, any unique identifier assigned by the Registrar and the weight of batteries accepted.”

Please see Part III, Section 11.5 of the Regulation for the details:

How does Call2Recycle Collect Batteries in Ontario?
Call2Recycle partners with various retailers, public agencies, municipal depots, private business and government buildings, which make Call2Recycle collection boxes available for individuals to deposit their used batteries. These collection locations may be open to the public or may be private locations collecting internally.

Large-volume collection sites, such as private corporations, have the flexibility to utilize Call2Recycle signature collection boxes or make use of our bulk collection program instead.

What is the Benefit of Being a Call2Recycle Collection Partner in Ontario?
With Call2Recycle’s simple collection and recycling program, you can demonstrate your environmental commitment and increase public or customer engagement without any additional financial or staff requirements. Our battery collection and recycling program is easy to implement, easy to manage, and requires very little staff resource allocation from collectors.

Call2Recycle is committed to working as a trusted partner and offering collectors a best-in-class program. In addition to providing a range of resources to support and enhance your collections, Call2Recycle’s customer service is available for immediate response to inquiries.

To find out more about becoming a Call2Recycle collection site partner, visit the Become a Collection Partner page on this website.

Retail Battery Collection Partners in Ontario 
In addition to the benefits enjoyed by our collection partners as noted above, for our retail partners, Call2Recycle commissions and shares research on the benefits of offering customers an in-store battery collection service for recycling. Our research shows the presence of an in-store recycling program keeps customers coming back.

To become a Call2Recycle collection site partner in Ontario, visit the Become a Collection Partner page on this website.

Municipal Collection Partners in Ontario 
Call2Recycle currently partners with 70 municipalities across Ontario offering more than 1400 collection sites for used battery drop-offs. Under the new Ontario Batteries Regulation, Call2Recycle will:

  • Partner with municipalities and depots, regardless of size or location, incorporating seamlessly into existing collection programs.
  • Ensure a seamless program transition for municipal collectors with no disruption to existing consumer battery collection and recycling services.
    • Call2Recycle will work with your existing service providers as preferred.
  • Offer flexible and customized collection solutions for Call2Recycle municipal collection partners.
  • Offer fair compensation and customer service for immediate response to inquiries for all municipal collection partners.

To find out more about the Call2Recycle municipal battery collection program click here.

To register with Call2Recycle as a municipal consumer battery collection partner, please select one of the following options:

  • If you are an existing municipal collector of rechargeable batteries for the Call2Recycle program, (and you may or may not be partnering with another service provider for single-use batteries under the Stewardship Ontario program) please click here to complete our updated registration form.
  • If you are a municipal collector who has collected for Stewardship Ontario in the past with your preferred service provider for the collection of single-use consumer batteries, and have not previously partnered with Call2Recycle for the collection of household rechargeable batteries, you will need to register your municipality as a collection site and register your service provider.  Please click here to complete the registration form.
  • If you are a municipality not currently collecting consumer batteries and interested in offering a consumer household battery collection program to your residents, please click here to register.

Industrial and Bulk Collection Partners in Ontario 
Call2Recycle partners with more than 300 municipalities and depots across Canada to deliver a best-in-class collection and recycling program for single-use and rechargeable batteries.  For collection sites with large volumes, Call2Recycle’s bulk shipping option simplifies the process through its step-by-step, online bulk shipping wizard. Our team will work with you to determine whether our bulk shipping program option best meets your needs.

In addition to the benefits that all of our collection partners enjoy, Call2Recycle’s program incorporates seamlessly into existing municipal or depot collection programs and helps facilitate and increase residential battery recycling and collection. As part of our best-in-class commitment to the safe management and transportation of used batteries, Call2Recycle provides collection partners with collection site safety training and an information portal.

To find out more about becoming a Call2Recycle bulk collection partner, visit the Become a Collection Partner page on this website.

Public Agencies in Ontario 
With Call2Recycle’s easy-to-manage battery recycling program, public agencies including schools, colleges, universities, libraries and others can demonstrate environmental commitment to staff and their communities and increase community engagement.  Call2Recycle’s battery collection box program is easy to set up, no cost to operate, and boxes are auto-replenished as needed. Our seal-and-ship program requires very little staff time or effort and our responsive customer service ensures that your questions are answered and needs are met. Call2Recycle is committed to supporting education and community outreach about battery recycling and provides education resources for interested parties, helping you engage with your community through collection events, public awareness campaigns and best practice support.

To become a Call2Recycle public agency community collector, visit the Become a Collection Partner page on this website.

Call2Recycle offers an easy-to-implement, easy-to-manage, no charge and non-resource-intensive battery collection and recycling program for retail stores, public agencies, municipal depots, private business and government buildings.

Battery Consumers
Under the new Regulation, residents of Ontario will not only be able to recycle their single-use batteries, as they do now, but will also be able to drop off rechargeable batteries for recycling as well.

Whether through your city collections, at your local retailer or even in your workplace, Call2Recycle has a consumer battery drop-off location near you that makes it easy and convenient for you to safely recycle your used household batteries (weighing less than 5 kg).

When you recycle your household batteries with Call2recycle, you can be confident that we prioritize safe battery collection, reducing potential fire hazards and maximizing efficient practices so that your batteries are repurposed and redirected from the waste stream.

With Call2Recycle battery recycling is easy! Simply gather up your used batteries in your home, office or garage, drop each battery into a clear sandwich-style bag (bags are also available at Call2Recycle collection boxes) and bring your batteries to any Call2Recycle drop-off location.

You can find more details here.

You can find your nearest Call2Recycle drop-off location by using our locator tool.